Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pine Ridge Pro Shop

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The newest addition to Pine Ridge Raceway is the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop is stocked with a variety of merchandise including: Pine Ridge Clothing: Hats, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and now we offer gift certificates. VP Racing Fuels, Oils, handlebars, filters, & levers for most popular makes and models. Our inventory and selection is constantly growing. If there is something you think we should sell at the pro shop please let us know. Click images below for larger version.

Clothing Prices

  • Grey “Pine Tree” T-Shirts - $15.00

  • Black or Blue “Flame” T-Shirt - $15.00

  • Black or Blue “Flame” T-Shirts (XXL & XXXL) - $16.50

  • White T-Shirts “Trees” (Adult) - $15.00

  • Long Sleeve White or Black T-Shirts (Adult) - $20.00

  • White Polo Shirts (Adult) - $15.00

  • Grey Hooded Sweatshirts “Pine Tree” - $35.00

  • Grey Hooded Sweatshirts “Pine Tree” (XXL & XXXL) - $38.00

  • Black or Blue Hooded Sweatshirts “Flame” - $40.00
  • Black or Blue Hooded Sweatshirts “Flame” (XXL & XXXL) - $43.00

  • Blue “Flame” Crew Neck Sweatshirt - $28.00

  • Blue “Flame”Crew Neck Sweatshirt - $31.00

  • White T-Shirts (Youth) - $12.00

  • Black T-Shirts (Youth) - $13.50

  • Black Sweatshirt “Flame” Hooded (Youth) - $28.00

  • Grey Sweatshirts Hooded “Trees” - $28.00
  • Grey Sweatshirts (Non-hooded) (Youth) - $20.00

  • Checkered Flag Hats - $21.95
  • Black or Blue Pine Ridge Hats - $14.99

**All Prices are before tax and shipping. Please use our Contact page and choose Melissa to check availability. Please include your name and phone number, so we can call you to obtain your credit card and shipping information. Also, let us know if this is for a Christmas gift so we will not identify ourselves when we call until we are speaking to you.

Gift Certificates

Pine Ridge Raceway, LLC gift certificates would make a great Christmas gift. Any amount you request. They can be redeemed at the Pro Shop or Registration. They also can be redeemed in portions or all at once. Contact Melissa to purchase. Please include a number where we can call you to obtain your credit card information and address to send it to.

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